2007/10/25, Victor Stone <fourstones.net@gmail.com>:
On 10/25/07, Peter Jones <p1rj1s@gmail.com> wrote:
> We've tried packing in different formats and the packs are fine, when sent
> over mail and so on.

you mean this person emails you a zip that failed on upload, then you
upload it and it works??

No. He has done own uploads. I've just tried to see if he was doing something wrong.

actually I just heard really weird behavior regarding zip files last
night from another new install -- are you guys using getid3 1.7.7 ? or
some newer version?

getid 1.7.7 - the files seem to have degenerated. Since we both believe to have tested the files prior to this corruption.

I have known of issues with the Windows archiver which is why I always
recommend 7zip

I tried archiving with 7-zip, but this doesn't help.

So... either winrar or 7-zip and it works if I make a completely new upload.

But neither works if I try to add them to the old entries. Deleting old wave pack and upping new.

The solution regarding making new entries is okay, but not fantastic thinking search engines archive this, and people link to files and so on. Also, we don't know if it will happen again.