There's a problem with the system as described.

$hash is declared static, so the table is stored as a cache.
_hash() is called by _hash_to_string() and by _string_to_hash() but it is never called with $force=true so static $hash created the first time _hash() is called never gets refreshed.

Is the $hash static for performance reasons? If not, can we just make it a local variable (I think).

If so, maybe we need to pass down a variable to indicate translation is necessary eg.
function GetConfig($type,$scope = '', $doTranslate=false)
function _hash_to_string($type,$data, $doTranslate=false)
then call         $hash = $this->_hash($doTranslate);

However I'm now confused about the $scope parameter to GetConfig(). What are the different scopes for config for?


declare a variable in the global array:
set it true on Login, Log off, User language change in profile, Global lang change by admin
test for it in GetConfig (I spose)


something else completely! :)



Marcus Clements wrote:
Hi Victor,

This all makes perfect sense.
So how about this:
I'll keep a local copy of my changes for reference, check-out the current
version, test my site with your new code, help with bugs if necessary,
then start working on this stuff for potential incorporation in a future



On 2/13/07, Marcus Clements <> wrote:
 Where I got to is here: (this is a diff of my working copy of cclib/
revision 5135)
 But there's a lot of CCDebug lines in there just so I could work out
the devil it all worked.
 I'm checking to see if the user lang matches the main lang and if not,
iterating through the menu, calling _() (see diff extract below)

 It's really incomplete (tabs not done etc...) so I'm happy to update to
new code base with all of Victors new stuff and make it happen there,
submit a patch if that sounds useful.
I appreciate the approach but I thought we discussed another way...

we need to *remove* the _() wrappers around strings in the code that
are headed for config (like the menu builders, default nav tabs, etc.,
submit forms, etc.)

The call to _() is already done every time you extract a string from
config (search for "_(" in cc-config.php) so:

// English goes into config:
                $configs->SaveConfig( 'menu',   $_menu_data['items'],
'',  false);

//and then the next line is:
               $_menu_data['items'] = $configs->GetConfig('menu');

The current language will come out, I promise.

The problem is that when the build menu (nav, submit forms, etc)
happens and the current language isn't English you're storing a random
language in config (no offense intended). We need to
a) build and store English in the config (always!),
b) let the language editor pick up the strings from config for
c) then let the _() buried in GetConfig() do it's magic.

Make sense?

The trick is to make *sure* that the strings are all in config before
the language editor is called up. For example, I think the submit
forms wait until they are needed before they generate the 'default'

So the tasks are:
a) remove all _() from strings to be stored in config
b) modify all revert-type code (like menus and submit forms) to save
then, immediately retrieve, the config items
c) make sure all 'default' config string are stuff into config on
install and not "lazy loaded"

how am I doing?

...and can we release 4.0 w/o this? save it for 4.1?




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