I see, thanks.
i will also give it a try. :)

2007/8/10, Jon Phillips <jon@rejon.org>:
On Thu, 2007-08-09 at 21:40 +0800, Snic Huang wrote:
> Hi, Jon! When you came Taiwan last week, my english conversation is
> still a little rusty. :(
> You has written xmp/jpeg-php module of the cctools subversion
> repository on sourceforge. I think that I will add this module to
> cchost, such as when a user uploads a jpeg image, the cchost will
> embed XMP in jpeg. What do you think?
> Snic

I think the thing to do would be to make module with our new liblicense,
then you get xmp embedding across the board...Jason and Scott, has there
been progress on this on developing php bindings?


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