2007/5/31, Jon Phillips <jon@rejon.org>:
On Wed, 2007-05-30 at 15:09 +0800, Snic Huang wrote:
> Jon, I have committed.

Patch First, Discuss Later :)

> I intended to have waited for you review. Besides, I adds a new
> function to provide the checksum value and license file (rdf) of each
> file, when user download a file.

This is cool!

> The checksum, license file and downloaded file will include in a zip
> file. I use a  3rd party library, which is PHPMyAdmin's zip.lib
> library. I will explain as follow:

Often, people want to download the md5 in a file separate from the zip
file. Could this be provided? The checksum of the actually archive is
often more important...

This is a good idea. :)

> 1. ccextras/cc-download.inc
> increasing the count value.
> 2. ccextras/cc-download.php
> displaying the count value
> 3. ccextras/update_v_5_download.inc
> adding a new field of cc_tbl_files, which is 'file_num_download'.
> 4. cclib/zip/zip.lib.php
> PHPMyAdmin's zip.lib library

What is the license for this library? Is it compatible with GPL?

The zip.lib.php is one of files of this project.
It is a GPL project. I think it is compatible with cchost.

Also, did you review just using the built-in compile-time zip library
provided by standard php?

I use PHPMyAdmin's zip.lib library, because I see that someone suggest using this library.
Should we adopt the proposal?

VS, you might have something to say about this?

Also, did you see that the zlib is on by default on php builds?


That might be used to provide tarball functionality?

Also, did you consider to just use a systems built-in support for zip
and other archiving formats?

I'm mainly asking these to get opinions and to hear your reasoning
I think that zip format may be supported in generally OS (e.g Linux, Windows)

Great work regardless! I need to svn up and run these...

(Personally, I'm interested if you also add tar.gz and tar.bz2
functionality, because I need in some other projects through ccHost :)

Cool! I can try it. :)

> 5. ccextras/cc- licensefiles.inc
> create a rdf file

Very cool! It would be great to offer RDF files for any format we don't
have a way to embed into...Mike and I made a standard for this called:


I  refers to cctemplates/license.xml when I written code.
Do you mean that created rdf file use this format (Companion_File_metadata_specification)?

All the best,
This is important because new db-based file systems are starting to be
able to read sidecar metadata and automatically pull it into the db
store for relationship to a file.



> 6. ccextras/cc- licensefiles.php
> 7. ccextras/cc-checksum.inc
> create a checksum file
> 8. ccextras/cc-checksum.php
> I look forward to hearing from you.
> Thanks!
> Snic
> 2007/5/29, Jon Phillips < jon@rejon.org>:
>         On Tue, 2007-05-29 at 16:19 +0800, Snic Huang wrote:
>         > Hi Victor, I written some code for adding download counter.
>         I will
>         > explain as follow:
>         >
>         > 1. cc-download.inc
>         >  increasing the count value.
>         >
>         > 2. cc-download.php
>         > displaying the count value
>         >
>         > 3. update_v_5_download.inc
>         > adding a new field of cc_tbl_files, which is
>         'file_num_download'.
>         >
>         > Allow admins to enable/disable this function in 'Global
>         Setup.'
>         >
>         > Please offer me some advice. Thanks!
>         >
>         > Snic
>         Please go ahead and commit and we can review after that...you
>         have the
>         power!!!
>         Jon
>         >
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