Jon, I have committed. I intended to have waited for you review. Besides, I adds a new function to provide the checksum value and license file (rdf) of each file, when user download a file. The checksum, license file and downloaded file will include in a zip file. I use a  3rd party library, which is PHPMyAdmin's zip.lib library. I will explain as follow:

1. ccextras/
increasing the count value.

2. ccextras/cc-download.php
displaying the count value

3. ccextras/
adding a new field of cc_tbl_files, which is 'file_num_download'.

4. cclib/zip/zip.lib.php
PHPMyAdmin's zip.lib library

5. ccextras/cc-
create a rdf file

6. ccextras/cc-licensefiles.php

7. ccextras/
create a checksum file

8. ccextras/cc-checksum.php

I look forward to hearing from you.


2007/5/29, Jon Phillips <>:
On Tue, 2007-05-29 at 16:19 +0800, Snic Huang wrote:
> Hi Victor, I written some code for adding download counter. I will
> explain as follow:
> 1.
>  increasing the count value.
> 2. cc-download.php
> displaying the count value
> 3.
> adding a new field of cc_tbl_files, which is 'file_num_download'.
> Allow admins to enable/disable this function in 'Global Setup.'
> Please offer me some advice. Thanks!
> Snic

Please go ahead and commit and we can review after have the


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