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Interesting.  Seems to me that that would be a good move for CC.  There are a surprising number of people out there who assume that copyrights are the way that they should be - that creators should have unlimited creative (and economic) control over their works.  And especially in the creative community, there seems to be a paranoia about being the kid in the garage who writes the song that ends up (for free) in the Nike commercial.  Hence, I would think that a Sampling - Noncommercial license would better play to many status-quo minded folks who wouldn't mind if some kid on deviantArt puts a song in his Flash cartoon, but would mind bigtime if Warner Bros. did it.  (Yes, I realize that synch rights != sampling).

Think of it like a Baskin Robbins taste test.  If you aren't particularly hungry, you might try some Egg Nog ice cream just cause your friend is getting a cone and you don't wanna be bored.  But after that sweet nog hits your lips, you are getting a cone.  The Creative Commons would quite likely find some huge success with a Sampling-Noncommercial license to introduce new folks to the community, and hopefully win them over with the ideals of copy freedom.
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There is a nc-sampling+ license, but it allows file sharing too and is
nearly redundant with by-nc.  There is almost zero chance CC would
endorse a license that allowed neither commercial sampling nor
noncommercial sharing.

On Tue, 2006-12-12 at 21:34 -0800, Brenton wrote:
> Thanks much Mike.  I will look into those options.
> Technically, the Sampling license and the BY-NC license are different.
> The Sampling license does not allow for file sharing.  The file must
> be obtained from the author or an authorized source.
> So, if a CD had a Sampling license, it could be remixed but not shared
> wholesale ala Napster.  A noncommercial sampling license would be
> identical to the Sampling license, with an additional clause
> prohibiting commercial use of the remixed work.  I'll be travelling
> back to Nevada on Thursday and I'll look into this more then.  Maybe
> I'll write up an example Sampling-NC license and submit it to CC for
> (hopefully) canonization.
> Good to hear from you.  Thanks for the prompt reply, and enjoy the
> winter!
> Brenton