>> The particular one I'm most interested in is a file manipulation API for
>> handling uploads, etc. There is some fresh work by some open clip art
>> developers on a clip art browser and want to make sure that form filling
>> nastiness is avoided with proper docs/direction.
>POST and other stuff that require user login will take some effort to
>architect and no small effort. It would *awesome* if OCA folks are
>taking this on.

I am working on the OCAL clipart browser and have some experience
with programmatic composing HTTP POST messages and uploads.
I'd like to work on an upload/download/synchronize/manipulate API as it would aid me greatly
with this project.

If you could give me some direction as to how to approach the task of creating such an API,
important perspectives, and any existing API or modules that I can utilize, it would be very helpful.

--Kevin James