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Cclite / News: Recent posts

Cclite Android App now linked to Sourceforge

The Android app is now linked here for convenience as it will remain on both github and here. They should stay in step, but github will be the newest of the two, 'sometimes'. These are not production quality at the moment.

Posted by Hugh Barnard 2016-03-25

Cclite 0.9.4 Tarball, Raspberry Pi/SMS compatible

Just the tarball is published for the moment with some minimal documentation in the doc subfolder concerning the Raspberry Pi installation instructions. The SMS uses gnokii and a couple of new scripts in the cgi-bin/protected/batch folder.

Test hardware is Raspberry Pi 2, the newest version.

Posted by Hugh Barnard 2015-06-19

Cclite Facebook Page

Although it's totally horrible, Cclite now has a Facebook page. We hope that this will make it easier for some folks to contact us. The page is:

Posted by Hugh Barnard 2014-06-01

Cclite 0.9.3 Released

The files are now here, including a preliminary Redhat package [careful, YMMV] and a Windows installer + instructions.

The SMS part that uses Gammu has been expanded and tested and this is reflected in a new version of the manual. This provides something 'near autonomy' for the SMS rather than relying on commercial gateways. The French and Chinese templates should be 'better' too. Also there's PIN, password and unlocking in the Administrator part of the software. As usual, various bugfixes and minor improvements.

Posted by Hugh Barnard 2014-05-07

Problem with Digest::SHA1 in recent Ubuntu [solved]

There's a new 0.9.2 version of the Ubuntu package in the 0.9.2 folder. This uses Digest::SHA which is now in recent core Perl. The package has been tested on Amazon AWS Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Also some of the dependencies have been downgraded to recommend to make the installation easier, gammu, for example is recommended.

Posted by Hugh Barnard 2013-07-30

Problem with Digest::SHA1 in recent Ubuntu

There's a problem with the missing sha1 digest package when using Ubuntu [at least]. The package that supplies this is missing from the newer Ubuntu releases. There's a manual fix on the way, but it'll probably involve using CPAN to install Digest::SHA1 for the moment. Many other package owners have complained but it needs fixing centrally.

Posted by Hugh Barnard 2012-11-11

New Release 0.9.0 Now Available

There is a new release now available with updated manual, rough templates for about 12 languages, decimal currencies, improved graphing and many bug fixes. There's also a simple installer for Windows.

Posted by Hugh Barnard 2012-04-30

New Release coming

The roughed out version of a new release is also on github in a Debian style format. This includes decimal style currencies, json returns for some functions, tested mulitlingual templates etc. However there are other demands on my time that are making this work slower. So the version here is regression tested etc. but the git hub provides a rough preview of what's coming

Posted by Hugh Barnard 2011-12-10

12 or so languages on github

There are about 12 rough machine-translated language template sets on github now: These may not be completely functional but they are better than starting from zero. Included Chinese, Russian, French, Roumanian, Arabic, Thai etc. share and enjoy. If you want to give the project better translations, use the Google group

Posted by Hugh Barnard 2011-11-08

Partial Spanish Templates on Github

There's a version with a partial set of Spanish language templates [thanks Xavi] + multilingual javascript + processing for multiple languages on gjthub:

There will be a tested release for this, but this is the first cut and will evolve over the next few weeks.

Posted by Hugh Barnard 2011-08-07

Github public repository

There's a public repository of the current code at: This is a work-in-progress for both the repository and code within it. But it'll probably let you have bug fixes etc. between releases, Only the releases will go through fulll regression tests though.

Posted by Hugh Barnard 2010-08-18

New Revision 99 of Debian Package

There was a mistake in the logging configuration file for the 98 version of the Debian package, This is corrected this morning.

Posted by Hugh Barnard 2010-08-17

New Release 0.8.0

There's a new release 0.8.0 with OpenId, GPG encrypted mail payment jabber payment, many cleaned up internals and new SMS modules. As usual updated manual + various bug fixes etc. etc.

Posted by Hugh Barnard 2010-08-06

Use 24M please

Version 0.7.0 23M has an error that may prevent SHA1 type hashing being used for registry and password. It shouldn't affect SHA2 use. So please use 24M, if you downloaded recently...

Posted by Hugh Barnard 2009-12-19

Version 0.7.0 Released

This new version has a package that is cpanel friendly, an improved debian package, bug fixes, SMS gateway and an integrated web panel for the batch processes. As before, use the google group for help.

Posted by Hugh Barnard 2009-12-17

Please use googlegroups for help

Please use the cclite group in googlegroups for help. I'm trying to get all the help into one place.

Posted by Hugh Barnard 2009-03-11

Preliminary XP Package

There's a preliminary cclite package for XP now and some installation instructions. Installation involves activestate perl, xampp and hmail

Posted by Hugh Barnard 2009-02-25

Just want to look at the manual?

Posted by Hugh Barnard 2005-12-16