CCL on SERVER autoexit, client desktop locked

  • abu haya attegaly

    I use ubuntu 7.04 (ip. for server and xubuntu 7.04 as the clients,
    first time i install ther's no problem...., i get ccl autostarted on server and it works well,
    in order to make it symple i have my ccl autostarted on both server and client however the problems happend....
    the CCL window on my server exit automatically and the client desktop locked without any command like "click here to begin"
    what should i do?
    how to cancel/kill autostarted command on client as it locked so i cannot go to the system--> administration --> session--->autostarted aplication etc ???

    • Mardian Nugoho

      Mardian Nugoho - 2008-04-16

      Terminal (if you still have one) or any tty that still works (that's ctrl+alt+fx where x is 1 to 6 ) or use recovery mode, or just simply remote login with ssh.
      type locate cclfox.desktop
      usualy it's on the /home/yourclinetname/.config/autostart
      just delete cclfox.desktop
      to be short it's cclfox.desktop or cclcfox.desktop
      I usually runs server first without auto run (why would you need ccl server auto start?)

      I dont have that kind of problem, maybe you could run cclfox (server) on terminal to see what is happening.


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