Mardian Nugoho - 2008-04-16

I use debian build cclfox, such a great program it do works. I wonder why this apps haven't reach any ubuntu repository.
No major issue on installation. A little hard to nail daily operation, and tariffing but me and my fellow do enjoy using it. nice database, nice reporting form, well what more could I ask.

But I hear from our users, their tariff display is annoying them. I can not be closed, well, it suppose to stay there as long as needed. but it doesn't need to stay in the screen right? All my user can do is drag the tariff display all across the screen coz it stays on top of everything.
Maybe minimize them to panel will greatly improve the aesthetic of the whole application.
I have seen one do this trick ( I'm running ubuntu with gnome ) but he has not sent any response to may messages, and I literally beg him to tell me how to do it. So far no luck.
I don't have any experience in coding, I'm in a user level, but if anyone here could point me where to go, or show me how to make cclcfox and the window manager to get along, so cclcfox could have it's own window and a nice minimize button in it, I would be greatly in debt you.