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Version 1.16.1 released

This is a minor update on version 1,16, which corresponds to gsl-1.16. There are minor changes in documentation and additions of iterators for the permutation and combination classes. The combination class also now has an option to initialise the combiantion to the first valid combination on construction.


Posted by Dr John D Lamb 2014-02-22

Version 1.16 released

This is an update. It corresponds to GSL-1.16.

Posted by Dr John D Lamb 2013-11-17

Version 0.99-14 released

This is another minor update. Only the configuration files are changed; so if this version doesn’t work try 0.99-13

Posted by Dr John D Lamb 2013-06-16

Version 0.99-13 released

This is another release with very minor changes. These make it possible to select various vectors, subvectors and submatrices with 0 entries, rows or columns, even from a vector or matrix with 0 entries, rows or columns.

Posted by Dr John D Lamb 2013-03-16

Version 0.99-8 released

This version fixes a few obscure bugs and creates overloaded functions (sometimes through templates or default arguments) so that you no longer have to supply stride arguments to functions that require an array.

In a few cases it also allows std::vector<T> or gsl::vector* where previously a C-style array was expected.

The permute namespace is tidied up so that permute functions include the standard (forward) permutations and take a gsl::permutation argument rather than the size_t const array that is usual in GSL.... read more

Posted by Dr John D Lamb 2012-08-26

Version 0.99-7 released

More minor changes. These are to the matrix classes and allow C++11 expressions of the following form:

for( auto row : matrix ){ … }

Here matrix is an object from a matrix class and wor is an element of the following vector class. Reverse iteration is possible, though clunkier. It should be slightly more efficient to use the matrix.set() and matrix.get() operations together with row and column indices.

Posted by Dr John D Lamb 2012-08-25

Version 0.99-6 released

Added real() and imag() views to the vector_complex classes.

Also fixed a minor bug in a some vector_complex and vector_matrix classes that meant that if, for example, a vector_matrix was declared but not given an initial size, its destructor would attempt to decrement nullptr.

Posted by Dr John D Lamb 2012-08-25

Version 0.99-5 released

No real new material. But I’ve added some overloaded functions to the vector and matrix classes. An example might illustrate why. In C we have to use subvector( v ) and const_subvector( v ) to construct non-const and const subvectors. But in C++ we can overload v.subvector() to return either a non-const or const vector depending on whether v is const or not.

The const_ versions of functions are now effectively obsolete, but they are not deprecated because it may be semantically useful to use them in an expression like:... read more

Posted by Dr John D Lamb 2012-08-23

Version 0.99-4 released

Only one new function (in bspline), which is hardly needed and no bugs found to be fixed. But added tests of bspline and stats in source code. The tests don’t get installed.

Posted by Dr John D Lamb 2012-08-22

Version 0.99-3 released

This covers everything in GSL that can sensibly be accessed through C++ wrappers.

Posted by Dr John D Lamb 2012-08-19

Version 0.5 released

This version includes classes to make any reasonable function object into gsl_function object. It also adds direct support for linear regression and numerical differentiation.

Posted by Dr John D Lamb 2012-01-08

First release.

ccgsl 0.1 is now available.

Posted by Dr John D Lamb 2010-05-30

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