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EventService and MPIService prototypes for review

New eventservice (courtesy Kosta) and mpiservice (derived from, but not dependent on ccaffeine) are available. They can be browsed or checked out from the tutorial repository.

To build them, first install the cca tools, second checkout the complete tutorial directory, third run ./mpi-make or ./events-make in the tutorial directory after setting the CCA_TOOLS_ROOT environment variable per the tutorial instructions.... read more

Posted by Benjamin Allan 2009-03-06

ServiceRegistry standard port demo available

The ServiceRegistry portion of the CCA specification is now covered in the CCA tutorial ex collection.

Posted by Benjamin Allan 2009-02-19

Migration to SF

The repositories of open-source tools from CCA Forum have been migrated to for wider access and contributions. Bug tracking and wiki support will remain at[bugs,wiki] at least for a while. Bocca is now in the repository. We will mirror the babel dependency here also.

Posted by Benjamin Allan 2009-02-10