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The keywords of "ProcessMapData" after the draw function are not as they should be. (void = green, FuncName=White, instead of blue and yellow)
Problem with the following code:


#include <SFML/graphics.hpp>
#include <string>
#include <fstream>
#include "tileset.hpp"

class Map : public sf::Drawable
  explicit Map(const std::string &mapDataFile);

  sf::Vector2u GetSizeInTiles() const { return _mapSizeInTiles;}
  sf::Vector2u GetSizeInPixels() const {
    return sf::Vector2u(32 * _mapSizeInTiles.x, 32 *_mapSizeInTiles.y);
  virtual void draw(sf::RenderTarget &target
            , sf::RenderStates states = sf::RenderStates::Default) const;


  void ProcessMapData(const std::string &mapDataFile);
  void InitMapParameters(std::ifstream &mapFile);

  sf::Vector2u _mapSizeInTiles;
  TileSet *_tileSet;
  std::vector<int> _mapData;

#endif    // INCLUDED_MAP