I just upgraded from 5.31.3 to 5.32.2 and the behaviour of c-fill-paragraph does not work correctly anymore, when I run the command it fills the comment but also moves the next line up and places it at the end of the comment. This behaviour is apparent with both // and /* style comments i.e. if I run c-fill-paragraph in the following comment:


// this is a comment

A = 100;


The buffer becomes:


// this is a comment                     A = 100;


I tried the previous version (5.32.1) but it had the same behaviour. Since I cannot imagine that the two versions were released with this feature as a “bug”, I must presume that there is something wrong in my .emacs file – any idea what it is that might be triggering this behaviour?


In the meantime I have returned to using 5.31.3.






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