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CBViewer 0.6 has been released

Some of the file handling stuff has been fully implemented in java, should be a slight speed up there. Also I added a jump menu, this was a feature request. There are also new installers for linux and windows. This should make a windows install much easier.

Posted by Bradley Swartout 2005-06-08

Updated sorting system in current CVS

I updated the sorting system and it should be a little bit faster now. If anyone has any problems with the new sorting system that is currently in CVS please put it in the bug reports.

Posted by Bradley Swartout 2005-03-07

CBViewer 0.5 has been released

Cbviewer 0.5 has been released. It now has graphics on the buttons at the bottom of the screen. Archives will also be sorted when they are viewed so users should no longer see pages out of order.

Posted by Bradley Swartout 2005-01-08

CBViewer 0.4

CBViewer 0.4 has been released. Many new features and improvements. Now has next/previous archive buttons for next and previous archives in the folder. Scaling code works. Many bug fixes. Should eliminate almost all stall conditions.

Posted by Bradley Swartout 2004-09-06

0.3 has been released

0.3 has been released. Now windows is supported along with fixes for some of the annoying pauses/lockups that were occuring before.

Posted by Bradley Swartout 2004-08-22

0.2 has been released

I just released 0.2 this morning. Please download and test it out.

Posted by Bradley Swartout 2004-08-01