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'X is all about Y'

Added 'X is all about Y'. Example: "There can be no healthy productivity improvement until we can achieve a measured gain in task efficiency, while solid, next-level and operational executive talent is all about reward."

New words or constructs recently added through bootstrapping (Googling a CBSG output and getting BS from search results...): edge, ownership, options, see around the corner, innovator, boundaryless, reality-based, customer-focused, risk taking, focus on speed, business equation, board-level executives, key representatives, ingenious, business-for-business, inspirational, value chain, design philosophy, global footprint, dynamics, dramatically, energize, invigorate, deliver on commitments, ...

Posted by Gautier de Montmollin 2015-10-08

Some new constructs

Last week-end's additions: some rhetorical forms that speakers or authors use to awaken their audience.

  • "The point is not merely X. The point is Y".
    X=something positive; audience is stunned and thinks "Ooooh"
    Y=something also positive; audience is relieved and thinks "Aaaah".
  • A variant, heard from a guy who uses it at each and every speech: "It's not about X. It's about Y".
  • Something found in an article: "There can be no X until we can achieve Y". X and Y are some exchangeable improvements. To that purpose, in the CBSG code, the Growth function is called for both X and Y.... read more
Posted by Gautier de Montmollin 2015-10-05

New release

...corresponding to v.43 in SVN.
Includes sources and binaries (Windows and Linux), with the interactive Web program, live.adb.

Posted by Gautier de Montmollin 2012-04-12

The Generator is now online...

... @ . Enjoy!

Posted by Gautier de Montmollin 2012-04-05

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