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cbrpager-0.9.22 released

The buttons in the navigation bar do not hold the focus anymore. This means that it will be easier to use the keyboard.

Posted by John Coppens 2010-10-18

cbrpager-0.9.20 released

A couple of enhancements (suggested by Zurd):
- Left click advances pages, and middle click goes backward.
- The window title shows actual page and number of pages
in the archive.

Posted by John Coppens 2009-05-26

cbrpager-0.9.17 released

A potential security problem corrected thanks to Mamoru Tasaka's patch. Thanks!
Bugfix: Changed accelerators were not activated immediately after configuration. They are now (when pressing 'Save').

Posted by John Coppens 2008-05-23

cbrpager-0.9.16 released

The keyboard shortcuts are now really editable, and
are saved to the configuration file too! Sorry
about the confusion of the previous version.
The french translation has been added.

Posted by John Coppens 2008-05-22

cbrpager-0.9.15 released

Corrected a problem with the orientation and autosizing of the navigations bar. Thanks nentuaby for reporting the problem.

Posted by John Coppens 2007-06-02

cbrpager-0.9.14 released

Added two patches from Ilja Pyykknen (thanks!):
- Key management for zooming in/out/fit/original and
for opening files
- Catching an error if the file selected for
opening is neither RAR nor ZIP.

Also, the spanish translation has been updated and
some corrections made.

Posted by John Coppens 2005-09-05

cbr-0.9.10 autopackage available

Mike (author of autopackage) was so kind as to send me
the autopackage script for cbrpager. A pity it's for version
0.9.10, not quite recent, but still, worth testing!
Please report problems to the <a href="http://lists.jcoppens.com/listinfo.cgi/cbrpager-users-jcoppens.com"> mailing list</a>.


Posted by John Coppens 2005-07-03

cbrpager-0.9.13 released

A small new feature has been added: Fit-to-pagewidth.
This version was compiled against newer libraries for
gtk+ and libglade. Please advise if problems appear.

Posted by John Coppens 2005-06-21

cbrpager-0.9.12 released

A few bugfixes:
- Modified the 'Requesting page' to show the
right page number.
- Changed the filename management to process
really long filenames (over 200 chars) correctly.
(Thanks richardaburton/at/hotmail.com)

Posted by John Coppens 2005-06-05

cbrpager-0.9.11 released

Many small improvements: Hide nav bar, popup-menu to advance/backup by 1 or 2 pages and others. A few minor bugfixes. And probably a few fresh (and free) bugs.

Posted by John Coppens 2005-03-02

cbrpager-0.9.10 released

Though this is a little-tested release, it seems to solve several reported issues (images not showing, file names), so I decided to release it as early as possibe. It can show two pages, and can 'fit-to-window' (both features to be tested).

Posted by John Coppens 2005-02-28

cbrpager-0.9.9 released

The upper/lower case problems seem to haunt me - I won't even claim they're solved anymore. Please test and report.
cbrpager now uses the file's magic number to determine its
type (no more extensions).

Posted by John Coppens 2005-01-05

cbrpager-0.9.8 released

A host of small problems solved (see the Changelog), and the archive can now be specified from the command line, to facilitate interfacing with file managers. Thanks to all contributors. And a happy 2005!

Posted by John Coppens 2005-01-02

cbrpager-0.9.7 re-released

As Roy Wood put it:
"Uh oh-- it looks like the cbrpager 0.9.7 download from the SourceForge mirrors is corrupted...."
I've re-uploaded the last release - sorry about the glitch.
And thanks Roy, for reporting...

Posted by John Coppens 2004-12-20

cbrpager-0.9.7 released

Thanks to Ricardo Veguilla, who contributed a patch permitting access to CBR files where the images are in a subdirectory.

Posted by John Coppens 2004-12-16

cbrpager-0.9.6 released

The pager didn't recognize images with upper case extensions, now corrected. Sorry about that.
A few of the strings have been updated in the spanish translation

Posted by John Coppens 2004-11-08

cbrpager 0.9.5 released

cbrPager will now open .cbz and .cbr files automatically (mind this has not been tested very widely - do report problems!).
Some problems with upper/lower case filenames were also solved.

Posted by John Coppens 2004-10-25

cbrpager-0.9.4 released

This release adds the possibility to orient the page navigator bar either horizontally or vertically (at each of the four locations already available).

Posted by John Coppens 2004-10-13

cbrpager-0.9.3 released

The Spanish translation now works - sorry for that. Also added tooltips to the navigator button.
La traduccin a Espaol ahora funciona...

Posted by John Coppens 2004-10-06

cbrpager-0.9.2 released

This is a simple CBR (Comic Book archive) pager (or 'reader' if you prefer). It does its job - page forward and backward, zoom in and out, with a few extra features which were included because they come in handy.

Posted by John Coppens 2004-10-05

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