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Cavor updated to 0.3.0

Many features have been completed and the code files have been overhauled (and in some cases renamed) in a general cleanup coinciding with release 0.3.0. See Cavor's home page for details and new screenshots. New features include drawing from scripts and reading of ESRI shapefiles.

The build system (makefiles) has been overhauled and is now based on autoconf, with some testing on FreeBSD and Solaris x86. (Linux remains the main dev platform).... read more

Posted by Alastair JW Mayer 2003-12-31

Cavor symbol editor and CSL advances

A simple symbol editor, symEdit, has been added to the Cavor suite. This lets you graphically create files that the display server can load as a predefined shape (for example, to represent elements in a schematic or point features on a map). (The text-based symbol file format is pretty simple-minded at the moment.)

Also the CSL (Cavor Scripting Language) implementation has advanced to include mathematical functions, graphic drawing instructions, and included files. See the subdir src/csl/parse and its subdirectory tests for the program and sample test scripts.... read more

Posted by Alastair JW Mayer 2001-05-14

Cavor Vector Viewer (cvv) now reads 'fig' files.

A major milestone in CVV development -- it can now read and display fig files. (The fig format is used by the 'xfig' drawing program and widely supported by other drawing programs.)

As intended, the effort to get this working meant improvements to CDL (Cavor Display List): it now supports filled polygons and user-definable colors; several latent bugs were exposed and fixed, and working with code from 'xfig' and 'transfig' turned up some useful code for other areas of Cavor. Thus 'cvv' makes a great tool in further development of the display side of Cavor as well as being an app in its own right.

Posted by Alastair JW Mayer 2001-04-14

Announcing Cavor Vector Viewer (cvv)

Cvv is the first 'spin-off' product of the Cavor project. It provides a GUI interface for viewing vector data files in various formats. Currently its at an arbitrary version 0.1.1, and can display .map files used elsewhere in testing Cavor. Work is well underway on adding .fig file capability.

There's a screenshot linked from the Cavor project web page (via or for the image itself), and code is in the CVS tree here under cavor/src/cvv/. I'm holding off on a tarball until there's a bit more functionality, although I'll make one if there's demand for it.

Posted by Alastair JW Mayer 2001-04-05

New document, and bugs in statistics.

I've added a document "Introduction to Cavor and Overview of Components" to the project library that gives a better description of the goals of Cavor. It also gives a more detailed look at the various components making up the overall package, and their approximate development status.

Also, the SourceForge project statistics seems to have a bug; for example, recent commits and adds to CVS are not being counted in the history on the project summary page. There's been more activity than it seems. (The CVS is being updated, just the summary statistics are not.)

Posted by Alastair JW Mayer 2000-10-31

Help prioritize Cavor tasks - take the survey.

Since Cavor is such a multifaceted (and understaffed :-) project, there's always the question of which task to pursue next. There are several things on the burner (various bits of documention, parts of subsystems coded, new features to think about...), to help prioritize them there's now a survey ( ) to see what you would like to see next.... read more

Posted by Alastair JW Mayer 2000-10-25

CVS tree and mailing list now available.

The contents of the cavor-0.1.0 -src tarball have been installed in CVS as the basis of ongoing development. (Actually there are probably some files there that don't need to be there, better to err on the too-much side.)

I've also created a cavor-devel mailing list that should be visible within the next 24 hours.

Posted by Alastair JW Mayer 2000-10-18

Binaries and SQL data in FTP area

The project FTP area now contains a tarball containing both the source released yesterday and precompiled binaries (i386 linux). See the file cavor-0.1.0-i386.tgz.

There's also a file 'load-map-data.tgz' that includes a datafile (Arapahoe county roads) and program to load that into a database, for use by the demo program (cdliMapTest) included in the main cavor tarball.

The project FTP area is at .

Posted by Alastair JW Mayer 2000-10-18

Cavor Display List Manager 0.1.0 released

The first code release for CAVOR is now available for download. This includes a functional Display List Manager and demo/test programs. Some documentation, parts of other components, and the overall project directory tree are also included.

This tarball will form the basis of the CVS tree to be set up in the next few days.

Posted by Alastair JW Mayer 2000-10-17

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