New website, CVS leaving SourceForge, new release of Caudium

Hello Caudium users,

Next week, most probably on Monday, all Caudium's websites
(, and\) will be merged into one website. For now you can visit it on my slow DSL link at and feel free to give some feedback and your impressions about it. What is missing, what is bad spelled, etc.

When new caudium website will be online, then new official release ofCaudium 1.0 and 1.2 will gets out.
Announce about Caudium 1.0 and 1.2 release will be sent here

After monday all CVS will be freezed and wednesday evening (CEST) the CVS will be hosted in Caudiumforge CVS server (
Note for developpers that didn't have opened their account yet, you must create your login and update your DSA key as soon as possible.
Announce will be made when the moving has been finished.
CVS on sourceforge will be closed friday evening (CEST).

For people who want to make CVS mirrors (read only) around the world, named rsync access will be given, just contact me.

kiwi _at_ caudium _dot_ net

Posted by Xavier Beaudouin 2002-10-11

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