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QTM 0.6 beta released

A first beta of version 0.6 of QTM has been released. This is the first version to feature a Windows installer, to be able to open files off the command line, and to maintain lists of blogs and categories to end the continual reloading.

Posted by M. J. Smith 2008-04-08

QTM v0.5 released

Version 0.5 of QTM has finally been released. The new features since the release candidate are:

- Fixes to various memory leaks
- Fixes to the quit function on various platforms (not as complete as I thought it had been, but there you go)
- Stripping of newlines from titles of quickpost subject pages

Changes since version 0.4:

- Quickpost templates
- Specifying trackback pings to be sent at publish time
- Console output suppressed (unless specified at configure time)
- Quit action in the File menu
- Keyboard shortcuts for new, open, save and preferences
- Catkin name dropped; the program is now simply called QTM. (Catkin remains the name of the Sourceforge project.)

Posted by M. J. Smith 2007-03-26

QTM 0.5 beta 1 released

A first beta of version 0.5 of QTM (originally Catkin) has been released. This adds the ability to specify trackback pings and to do quickposts from templates. Two bug fixes have been made.

Posted by M. J. Smith 2007-03-10