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TIES v5.0 is coming soon!

We are extremely excited to announce the upcoming release of TIES v5.0.
This release has been a year in the making, incorporating a ton of new features and a complete redesign of the back-end infrastructure to speed up processing, scale up and make searching more accurate. Subscribe to our mailing list to stay up-to-date on the release date.

Posted by Girish Chavan 2013-07-05

caTIES v3.61 to be released in 3 weeks

caTIES v3.61 is currently in testing phase and will be released in the last week of January. Some of the new features of v3.61 are:
1. Use the 2009-04D NCI Metathesaurus release.
2. Search within report sections.
3. Linux Installer.
4. Easy migration from caTIES v3.5 installations.

Posted by Girish Chavan 2010-01-09

caTIES v3.6 BETA2 In Testing Phase

The BETA2 release is currently being tested and will be released sometime this week. If you are planning to do a caTIES install, we suggest waiting till the BETA2 version is released.

Posted by Girish Chavan 2009-08-18

caTIES v3.6 MySQL Installers Updated

The caTIES MySQL installers were updated in response to a bug that caused the installation to fail as it did not find the file:"createtablespace.sql"

Posted by Girish Chavan 2009-07-01

caTIES IdeaTorrent site now open

You can submit and vote on ideas for caTIES here:

Posted by Girish Chavan 2009-06-05

caTIES Source code now in CVS

The caTIES source code is now released as an Eclipse project in the Source forge CVS. This simplifies the process of compiling and extending caTIES significantly.

Posted by Girish Chavan 2009-06-05

caTIES v3.6 Beta 1 Released

New Features:
1. TIES Coder service that can be called from any Java program.
2. Improved toolbar
3. Search by Accession#
4. Highlight search terms/annotations stays selected across reports.
5. Single machine installation now supported through installer.

Posted by Girish Chavan 2009-05-19

What can we do in the next release of caTIES?

We are in the planning stages for the next release of caTIES. We are finally in a position to make large architectural changes to caTIES if required. Hence the sky is the limit here. As long as the requests are within the scope of the problem that caTIES is designed to solve, we will give it serious consideration.

Some large changes are:
1. Make caTIES coding pipeline more modular and easier to work with and modify. This will let uses change the way caTIES processes documents and even add their own processing resources if required.
2. Update the existing web-service architecture to provide web-services for coding reports. This will let users use the caTIES backend in their own applications to either search and display reports or de-identify or code them. ... read more

Posted by Girish Chavan 2009-01-26

Subscribe to the caties-users mailing list

You can use the caties-users mailing list to stay updated on new releases and important information about caTIES.


Posted by Girish Chavan 2009-01-26

caTIES v3.5 Beta 1 Released

The new version significantly improves concept search sensitivity and specificity scores using various techniques.

Posted by Girish Chavan 2008-05-19

caTIES v3.1 BETA1 Released

New Features
* Query interface restructured to be more user friendly.
* Statistics Tab that lets you get aggregate statistics for queries.
* Preliminary User role that allows access only to Statistics Tab.
* New option on results page to add all search results to an order.
* Speed improvements when loading large orders.
* Better UI tweaks for time consuming operations like loading and deleting orders.

Posted by Girish Chavan 2008-03-07

caTIES Beta 2 Installer and Updater files updated

The caTIES Beta 2 Installer and Updater files were updated to fix a bug that caused the private web services installation to fail.

Posted by Girish Chavan 2007-10-17

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