#4 testing GUI apps on headless machines

Catchconv (2)

Currently to test an app which uses X or other GUI, we need to have an actual desktop available. This is a huge pain when trying to test Flash Player, Firefox, or PDF viewers. This feature request is for a method to test such apps without needing a display. This will allow us to use the cluster or EC2 to test such apps.

There are two general approaches here:

1) xvfb "fake" display
2) vnc server running on the machine

So far we have the most experience with xvfb, which works for running these programs when used with the xvfb-run script. Unfortunately we have not yet been able to successfully trace and generate constraints from a program under test when Catchconv is run on `xvfb-run program`. One way to approach this might be to run xvfb-run on a driver script which runs Catchconv on the target program.

A second issue is that xvfb does not seem to have an easy way to view this display. This is most useful as a debugging aid.


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