Call to undefined function

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I'm getting PHP errors when I try to run this --

    Call to undefined function: mb_strtolower()
    Call to undefined function: stripos()

    I have PHP version 4.4.7

    • Cody J.

      Cody J. - 2007-11-14

      Hum. I thought I changed that.
      The mb_strtolower() can be changed safely to strtolower() on lines 76 and 161 of index.php as well as menu.php, coin.php, geoip.php, and m8b.php. It just loses international character support, but that's usually fine.

      Or you change enable the php_mbstring extension in your php.ini. I'll change that for the next release (read: eventually).

      As for stripos, that's a PHP5 function. In addreply.php, change stripos to strpos on lines 25 and 33.

      I'll change that as well. *note to self*

      In actuality, I'm planning on re-building CatBot from the ground up. Before he was kind of an experiment in "what can I do with PHP". This time he will be better written, faster, and more commented.


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