question about directory structure

  • I got it working when I put it in my web hosting root directory (I use

    Everything works fine in the root home directory.

    However, I want to put everything in a directory called /catbot , so then it would be accessed by typing:

    What files do I need to edit and how would I do that?  Once again, I set up the SQL tables, edited the config.php, and did everything manually, and everything works great now.  But it only works in the root directory.

    What do I need to change to get it to work in a directory called /catbot ?


    Happy but Confused

    • Cody J.
      Cody J.

      I emailed you back directly, but I'll post the reply for everyone here.

      >>Oh, wow. It's been *forever* since I've worked on Catbot.
      >>Let's see. In theory, it should work wherever it's put. Does it give you any error messages if you put it in a different directory?

      I'm going to download a the last release and see if I can't fix it up a bit. I have a couple changes I need to make from other people's comments as well.

    • Cody J.
      Cody J.

      Got it.
      Go ahead and delete the .htaccess file. There were some issues with old thing that...blah.

      Anyways, the only problems you might have would be that Internet Explorer tends to cache things. A lot. If your users are noticing that they're getting the same answer a lot...well...I'll fix that.