Catalina 3.10

  • Ross Higson

    Ross Higson - 2012-11-20

    Catalina 3.10 is a complete release of Catalina. It adds significant new functionality. See the README.Whatsnew file in the release for more details, or go here

  • bill rowe

    bill rowe - 2013-07-08

    Is the source code for catalina-c available anywhere? I'm particularly interested in the optimizer.

  • Ross Higson

    Ross Higson - 2013-07-15

    Hi Bill,

    The source code to Catalina is included in the distribution, with two exceptions:

    1. The Hompespun Spin Compiler. However, I have recently modified Catalina to use the Open Source Spin compiler - I will release a version shortly with this support enabled.

    2. The Optimizer. This is still closed source, and will remain so until the last license period that users have paid for expires. After that I will consider making it open source.


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