Catalina 3.11

  • Ross Higson

    Ross Higson - 2013-08-27

    Catalina 3.11 is a full release of Catalina. For details, see here

  • Ross Higson

    Ross Higson - 2013-08-30

    I have posted an "errata" file which contains a new version of the payload loader, which on some computers can dramatically decrease the download time for both Spin and Catalina binaries.

  • Ross Higson

    Ross Higson - 2013-09-10

    I have updated the "errata" file to include fixes for OS X, and to add the ability to specify ports explicitly on the payload command line.

  • Ross Higson

    Ross Higson - 2013-10-09

    A new Errata file ( has been released.

    The errata file contains some minor changes made since the release of Catalina 3.11 that do not warrant a new release. It also contains all previous errata.

    The main changes are:

    A new version of payload
    A new version of catdbgfilegen
    A new version of blackbox

    This zip file contains three subdirectories:

    Windows - contains binaries and source for Windows.
    Linux32 - contains binaries and source for 32-bit Linux systems
    Linux64 - contains binaries and source for 64-bit Linux systems

    Please first download and install the appropriate Catalina release (e.g. Catalina_3.11_Setup.exe for Windows) and then download and unzip the errata file. Then copy one of the above subdirectories over your Catalina installation (note you will need administrator privileges).


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