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Version 0.7.0


  • Added Destroy functions for each Create function in plugins, so creation and deletion is made in DLL memory space (for Windows).
  • Added ASSIMP importer plugin to import actually unsupported file types, modified ImporterPlugin::GetExtensions to be able to retrieve an array of pairs <extension, file="" type="">.
  • Modified Importers so no more memory leaks are detected with Visual Studio.... read more
Posted by Sylvain Doremus 2014-12-03


Adds :
Dx9RenderSystem has been implemented to support Direct3D 9 rendering.
A dialog box has been created to select the renderer at runtime. This dialog box has been integrated to CastorViewer and CastorShape.
Added an application to convert all images formats to XPM to ease the multiplatform development with wxWidgets.
Added new features to the scene files (alpha_rejection, rgb_blend, alpha_blend, hl_shader_program, ...)... read more

Posted by Sylvain Doremus 2011-05-17