Dear Stanislaw

Get it work, thanks for your quick response.


On 3/23/07, Stanislaw Osinski <> wrote:
On Fri, 23 Mar 2007, Carol Yim wrote:

> Dear all
> The application runs fine before, but it gets an error message suddenly
> today.
> When I run the DemoBrowser(WebStart).launch, an error message "Variable
> references non-exist resource :
> ${resource_loc:/carrot2-demo-browser/temp/webstart/deps-carrot2-demo-browser-jar}
> Any idea?

Hi Carol,

Unless you specifically need to run the browser as WebStart, it's much
easier to use the DemoBrowser.lanunch, it shouldn't give you the error

If you specifically need to run the browser as WebStart, follow these

1. in the browser's directory (applications/carrot2-demo-browser) run:

    ant webstart

You'll need a keystore for signing the JARs (you can generate one on your
own using Java's keytool).

2. refresh the carrot2-demo-browser project in Eclipse

3. run DemoBrowser(WebStart).launch



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