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A snapshot that has a working CIF/GDS reader/writer in the physical schema. Its probably a bit tender, but has churned through some pretty big stuff. The documentation is in sad shape, but there's always source ...

The PERL bindings have been yanked. They should return as a "Reaperl" module sometime in the not too distant future.

The physical schema will be getting a real work out in the next few months. I need a tool for cell/library level manipulation and Reaper will be doing the twiddling.

Posted by Roger March 2004-07-23


Its under CVS with the tag 'reaper-23-1-10'. I have confirmed that it compiles and its sourced from a tarball from the Subversion release. The database uses files so don't even think about enabling the MySQL path. This has the PERL binding, but that's just a temporary situation.

There will probably not be any more updates until 'reaper-23.2' is done. No time table for this yet, but it must have the physical schema working or it aint 23.2!

Posted by Roger March 2004-05-27

Where's the code?

The Carrion/Reaper libraries are now being developed on my home system using Subversion. Until SourceForge offers that as an option, that's where things will stay. The CVS tree needs some cleaning up and I will be putting unrolled tarballs in as snapshots. The first of these will be reaper-23.10 and should show up around early June. The SPICE subsystem will show some signs of life but the rest is likely to only compile. This release will be primarily used to test out patch migration.

Posted by Roger March 2004-05-26