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C++ Advanced Runtime Library enters production stage

At long last, after successfully passing all internal tests, the C++ Advanced Runtime Library is available for download as a production version 1.0 (build 1).

The first stable release of the C++ Advanced Runtime Library supports:

* MS Visual C++ .NET 2005 on Win32 platform.
* MS Visual C++ .NET 2003 on Win32 platform.
* GNU G++/cygwin (3.4.4 or newer) on Win32 platform.
* GNU G++ (3.4.4 or newer) on Linux platforms.... read more

Posted by Andrei Kapustin 2008-12-18

CARL ported to MSVC++ .NET 2005

As of today, CARL sources and build system have been made to operate with MS Visual C++ .NET 2005. Surprisingly, quite a lot had to be changed from MS Visual C++ .NET 2003 version - that's Microsoft for you...

Posted by Andrei Kapustin 2008-07-28

CARL enters Beta stage

As of today, the C++ Advanced Runtime Library has proven to be stable enough to enter the Beta stage.

Compared to the Alpha stage, the C++ Advanced Runtime Library now:

* Has more automated tests and no known bugs (UNknown bugs will still be hunted for until the product state changes from Beta to Production).
* Has completely new build & automated testing system (among other things, the new build system finally offers proper support for both static and dynamic libraries for both Win32/cygwin and Linux/GCC).... read more

Posted by Andrei Kapustin 2008-02-22

CARL supports gcc/Linux

Starting with the 0.07 release, both CARL and CARL tests successfully compile and run on gcc/Linux platforms. The following platforms have been used for testing:

* Mandriva Linux 2006 + gcc 4.0.2.
* Ubuntu Linux 6.1 + gcc 4.0.3.

This marks another pivotal point in CARL history, as it is now that CARL enters the Linux-based open source development world.

Although there exists a number of known Linux porting issues, they are all expected to be resolved before the CARL 1.0 release enters a beta stage.

Posted by Andrei Kapustin 2006-10-26

CARL 1.0 is feature-complete

A time has finally come where all features initially planned for CARL 1.0 have been implemented. From this point on, the main effort will be dedicated to stabilization, performance optimization and, most important of all, providing a Linux port of the CARL library. Adding more features will be assigned a low priority, although things that are easy to implement may still be added to the initial release.... read more

Posted by Andrei Kapustin 2006-09-28

CARL documentation is available

The entire CARL public API has now been documented using Doxygen.

The Doxygen project file is included into the CARL source distribution; you'll need to download Doxygen and run it on the CARL Doc/Doxyfile project in order to generate the complete CARL API documentation.

Posted by Andrei Kapustin 2006-07-26

CARL supports Win32/cygwin

As of today, all of the existing CARL tests ran successfully in a Win32/cygwin environment.

While it is expected that some bugs related to porting will occasionaly show up, this day marks a pivotal point in CARL lifetime - as it is for the first time that CARL can truly justify its claim as a cross-platform application development framework.

Posted by Andrei Kapustin 2006-05-26

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