Hi everybody,
regarding my previous statement about renaming the project to simply "CARE",
I would like to withdraw that statement, following the feedbacks of Lopo.
We will just stick to the original idea of using care2x as a "generic" name for the
project and we will name the product as care 2002, care 2003, or care 2004.
For the moment, the product will still be called Care 2002 up to the eventuall
release of the stable version. The release of stable version is the culmination of
its development phase. After that we can start a new development phase and name
the product as Care 2003 or Care 2004, depending on the year of its first beta release.
Please do not hesitate to post your comments and suggestions.
> Hi Elpidio,
> You can't call it CARE. It already exists a WorldWide Organization with that
> name and can cause you a lot of problems:
> «CARE is an international consortium of 12 member countries, dedicated to
> the worldwide reduction of poverty.
> ... CARE Australia. CARE Brasil. CARE Canada. ... »
>     http://www.care.org
>     http://www.care.ca
>     http://www.careusa.org
>     http://www.care.de
> «... Get the latest news about the world you care about through OneWorld, a
> network of 1,250 non-profit partners working in environment, development,
> and human ... »
>     http://www.care2.com
> «Internet Centre Anti Racism Europe»
>     http://www.icare.to
> If you look in Register (http://www.register.com) about domains directly
> connected with CARE (select all extensions) you will see this, among a lot
> of others:
>     .com    .net    .org    .biz    .info    .us    .ws    .tv    .co.uk
> .org.uk    .de
> And with derivatives of CARE there's a lot more.
> So you see there a lot of CARE around ;-)
> You have already the domain. Let the name be CARE2x or CARE2 (it sounds
> "care too").
> You are worried about calling it CARE2002 will outdate the project soon ;-)
> If you were about to start, OpenCare will be a good name but it is already
> taken by another product:
>     http://www.techsystem.net/products/opencare/    (see their logo)
> Well! opencare.org domain is still FREE if you are interested.
> By the way; do you know about Achoo?
> It's an Yahoo-like search engine & directory for Health ->
> http://www.achoo.com
> I hope to send you this weekend the "presentation" in Portuguese.
> Best,
> Lopo