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Cardme 0.3 Branch Bug Fix Release

Cardme 0.3 Branch has a new point release v0.3.6.05. This Fixes an issue where invalid encoding exception was being thrown if encoding is specifically set to 8bit in a VCard.

As always, the best way to contribute to Cardme is to report bugs, ask for new features and if you have programming experience patches are more than welcome.

Posted by George_H 2013-06-04

Maven Release 0.4.0

Cardme v0.4.0 has been released on Sonatype for those who use maven.

Big thanks to Mike Rimov for making this happen.

Posted by George_H 2013-05-07

Maven Release Delayed

Sonatype have made some major upgrades their system which includes some changes in the way we stage and deploy jar files to their repository. This issue was causing some un-expected errors with me while trying to push a release.

Please allow us some time to modify our maven release scripts.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Posted by George_H 2013-04-14

New releases

It has been a long time since a release, we've been very busy with our work/personal lives, but we're managing to find some time!

This is a point release that fixes 1 bug

Omitting semi-colon when building the extended parameter list only when there is no previously appended parameter and/or extended (type) parameters to the list.

Version 0.4.0 of cardme has been moved off Beta testing and is now considered stable. It is recommended that people start using version 0.4.0 as the interfaces and code is more efficient. As said before this does not mean 0.3.6 branch is closing down, no, we're going to maintain both branches (0.3.6 will get all the same bug fixes as 0.4.0)... read more

Posted by George_H 2013-04-02

Maven Releases

Updated versions of cardme and 0.4.0-b3 have been synced to maven central.

Posted by George_H 2012-12-05

New Point Release

Cardme has the following bug fixes for this point release of

  • VCards are now read in from file using UTF-8 encoding. According to RFC-6350 all default charsets in a VCard must be UTF-8 (
  • Fixed isEmpty() method in StringUtil class
  • Fixed issue where unfolding lines with spaces at the folding boundary would result in the loss of the space
  • Unit test case added by contributor jolo72 to test for the above bug... read more
Posted by George_H 2012-11-28

Card Me 0.4 Beta 2 Released

We have propagated the bug fixes and quoted-printabled improvements from 0.3.x branch to the trunk, thus resulting in the beta 2 release of version 0.4.

Users are encouraged to try out the beta version of cardme. The bulk of the code base and API has been revamped to make things easier to use. Method names have been renamed to more closely match the RFC and the architecture of Cardme has been redesigned so that it is more modular and scalable. This version also sports some fluent interfaces on VCard types and parameter types.... read more

Posted by George_H 2012-11-12

New Point Release

Some very important bug fixes related to QUOTED-PRINTABLE encoding, decoding, folding and unfolding. A new method was added setForceEncodeQuotedPrintableSpaces() to force cardme to take one extra pass at a Quoted-Printable string to convert all spaces to =20. Test cases were written for them as well and there is better handling of vcards exported from Android devices. Cardme also better handles vcards whose fields are 100% full quoted-printable.

Posted by George_H 2012-11-09

New Point Release

This is a small point release that fixes a locale bug in the GEO type.

Posted by George_H 2012-10-02

Card Me 0.4 Beta 1 Released

This is an early stage beta release, this is not meant for production use.

This new version comes with a major over-haul of the API. The concept of using
cardme is still the same, but the methods and functions may have changed a bit.
Apologies for not completing the javadoc, wiki, user guide and developer guide
documentation as the developers of cardme have been very busy. All the docs will
be completed and provided on a gradual basis.... read more

Posted by George_H 2012-09-19

Beta Version 0.4.0 Committed to SVN

Latest SVN is updated to version 0.4.0 with new API changes. The older versions of 0.3.x will be maintained as a new branch, so those who still use 0.3.x do not worry.

The code in SVN is considered beta until enough tests and user feedback have been made. A BETA release will be made once a compilation of changes and documentation is completed.

Posted by George_H 2012-09-11

New Release v0.3.6

Version 0.3.6 of cardme now supports text value as well as binary values for the KeyType, special thanks to mangstadt for getting that done quickly. URLs now allow for incomplete URLs as well as free form text. IMPP URIs will not be escaped as we previously did.

Some may have noticed a 0.3.6 cardme jar up for download alone. This was due to a database error with sourceforge. They assured me, after a bug report, that they have fixed the issue and now folders and files are properly displayed.... read more

Posted by George_H 2012-08-08

New Release v0.3.5

This release of cardme is exceptional, there are many bug fixes and a new feature adding the extended IMPP type. Special thanks to developer mangstadt for submitting many patches and his code contributions.

We are working hard to roll in more bug fixes and over-all enhancements and optimizations for version 0.4.0.

Posted by George_H 2012-07-18

New Release v0.3.4.01

This is a minor bug fix release that resolves the issue of Cardme forgetting to escape the carriage return (CR or \r) in strings.

Posted by George_H 2012-06-26

New Release v0.3.4

We have released a new version which fixes the following

  1. VCardWriter was not building extended parameter types for certain VCard features.

  2. The url in the URL feature will not have its characters escaped by default unless the compatibility mode is set to I_PHONE, GMAIL and IOS_EXPORTER.

Posted by George_H 2012-06-22

New Release v0.3.3

Thanks to those who have submitted patches and bug reports, we are able to make cardme better.

New this release; parse multiple vcards in a single file, support extended parameter types for all types which means parsing Evolution vcards works better, bug fix for URI paths in logos, and of course the usual javadoc corrections.

Posted by George_H 2012-05-10

Fix Release v0.3.2.03

We have yet another bug fix release. This time just concentrating on Bug[3496318]. The case was re-opened 3 times as it was a nasty bug that only affects you if are doing the following:

  1. Importing MS Outlook VCard
  2. Using Quoted-Printable text that spans more than one line

The main issue is that there are vcards that fold Quoted-Printable text not according to the RFC 822 standard which makes it very difficult to tell if the next line is the continuation from the previous or a new type. On top of that if it is Quoted-Printable then an equals sign confuses the parser into thinking it is a type.... read more

Posted by George_H 2012-04-10

Fix Release v0.3.2.02

Another bug fix release with a minor feature addition, depending on how you look at it.

VALUE parameter type may accept one of DATE or DATE-TIME and this option is validated against the actual value of the field. BDAY now holds an ISOFormat variable that dictates how it is represented when written out.

URLFeature / URLType given parameter and extended parameter support. URLParameter and extended URL parameters are only used when using GMAIL, MAC_ADDRESS_BOOK, MS_OUTLOOK and I_PHONE compatibility modes. New test case to test parsing exported VCards from other applications.... read more

Posted by George_H 2012-03-27

Fix Release v0.3.2.01

Thanks to dzeigler for reporting a bug right after the 0.3.2 release. The bug has been fixed and several minor bugs were discovered from this one and also fixed.

Below change log.

Parsing engine now handles soft line breaks.
Do not throw exception when encountering TYPE parameters in URL type when in MS_OUTLOOK compatibility mode.
Force VCard version 3.0 on VCards which have been set to v2.1 when writing.

Posted by George_H 2012-03-03

New Release V0.3.2

New release with bug fixes and enhancements.
Be sure to check the wiki out as it is being updated on a weekly basis.
Any comments, additions or mistakes, please report it on the tracker or in our forms.

Thank you to all who post bug reports.

Posted by George_H 2012-03-02

CardMe Wiki

A wiki site for cardme hosted on sourceforge has been set up to make user's lives a bit easier. All the documentation of CardMe exists in the source code, but not many may want to dive into that.

So I've gathered all the important parts and put it in a wiki. So far only 2 pages are complete. The rest will be done in steps when time is available.

Go to the wiki here.

Posted by George_H 2012-02-25

New Release v0.3.1.01

This is a minor release that implements feature 3481733 which allows users to specify their own EOL characters to be used by VCardWriter. The custom EOL will also be used for folding strings and data as well.

Posted by George_H 2012-02-08

New Release v0.3.1

New Cardme release with 2 new features added.

  1. Support the LANGUAGE parameter type when reading and writing vcards.

  2. Added a helpful "containsAllXXXParameterTypes()" method that will return true if the specified list of parameter types exists in the associated type. This is instead of calling the contains() method many times.

Thank you all for your bug reports, feature requests and forum messages.
Any more bugs or features please post them.

Posted by George_H 2011-12-23

Release v0.3.0.01

This is an emergency bug fix release. This fixes a bug in parsing the name type "N" only for the following cases:

  1. Using Outlook Compatibility mode
  2. Any name that is not followed by a semi-colon at all.
Posted by George_H 2011-12-15

Release v0.3

With the help of the community we are able to push out version 0.3 of cardme. This version includes a few new features, bug fixes and maven integration.

There has also been an overhaul in the package structure of cardme. The name change to net.sourceforge.cardme.* so make sure to refractor your existing code. Also note that now cardme depends on apache commons-codec for quoted-printable encoding only.... read more

Posted by George_H 2011-12-14

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