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  • George_H

    George_H - 2010-04-01

    I have released a new version of cardme v0.2.0

    There are many many many changes. Please test them out and report bugs on the
    sourceforge tracker. I will only fix bugs if they are reported on the tracker.

    So far in my test cases it works on V3.0 vcards import/export and I have 1
    compatibility setting for KDE address book. There is a READ_ME file and
    everyone should read it first.

    The source code is extensively documented so there should not be a problem for
    developers out there to use it and to contribute code.

  • George_H

    George_H - 2010-04-02

    I also want to say that the project is not dead and has never been dead (even
    due to the lack of inactivity.) I was always ready to fix bugs if they were

    Either way, I have started using cardme (again) for some of my projects at
    work and I will be actively developing on it. I have decided to throw away
    v2.1 support in CardMe v0.2.0 and I am willing to to add v2.1 support only if
    it really needs it.

    Secondly I added a nice framework for compatibility between programs. Like KDE
    Address Book for example formats the vcard "CATEGORIES" type a little bit
    differently from the RFC2426 standard so I added a compatibility "glue" fix
    it. If there is something like is that you want me to add for an application
    that you use.. please send or attach a v3.0 vcard of that application that
    makes cardme throw an exception or yield undesirable result.

    I already know that Outlook 2000+ only exports/imports v2.1 with their own
    special standards. IF anyone is only using VCards between outlook, then they
    can use v0.1.4 of cardme as it works with v2.1 and has Outlook compatibility
    mode. Until I add V2.1 support into cardme v0.2.0 outlook support is dumped
    from cardme, cos microsoft makes it a pain for me to support it.

    Any questions, comments or suggestions.. please post :)


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