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Carbon OS is discontinued

Hello all,

I know from the last blog post I promised development of Carbon would pick back up, but unfortunately I can't deliver. I had fun developing Carbon OS and learned a lot about DOS, but it's extremely difficult and time-consuming to develop for it when I have to fire up a virtual machine and re-install the OS every time I make a small change.

Carbon OS began it's life as LightDOS in 2012, a similar project with similar goals. But my limited DOS skills meant there was never a way to install it, beyond writing it's USB image to a flash drive, and it had limited support for other hardware. Most development stopped in late 2013, and I created Carbon OS in mid-2014 as a successor.

The support it gained from the DOS community during it's lifespan, culminating in a mention on the FreeDOS Twitter account.

But in the end, Carbon OS doesn't really have a need. It was designed to be used by people completely unfamiliar with DOS, but I had significant difficulties implementing a working desktop environment that could run normal DOS programs inside of it. Something like FreeDOS in VirtualBox or DOSBox can do the same job just as well, if not better.

But hey - DOS hasn't changed in two decades. I will leave the Carbon OS repository open for anyone that wants to continue downloading it and trying it out. If anyone wants to pick up development, you are more than welcome to contact me and I can transfer the project over to you.

If you're interested in other stuff I'm working on, follow me on Twitter and Google+. Farewell!

Posted by Corbin Davenport 2015-07-16

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