#69 Navigation option - begin from 2nd level or 3rd level


It would be GREAT if you could base a navigator on the
second level, third level, etc. of a site similar to
how you can base it on the top level, or tab. BUT, it
would be nice to have the ability to also limit the
navigator to the second level or third level, etc.
under the parent.

Here's why...

What would be cool, would be if you could use this idea
in combination with a hierarchical menu navigator, and
you could set it to only display the children, and
siblings of certain "section" or tab without having to
base it off a specific tab...

For example, lets say your site is divided into
sections by audience. You have a kids section, an
adults section, and a youth section. Once someone has
clicked into that section, you want them to only be
able to navigate around that section. Also, the same
template could be used for each... there is no
difference between the sections visually so you could
use one template across the board, EXCEPT, right now,
if you want to set up a site like this, you have to
have a separate template for each section becasue the
navigator has to be based on the specific tab that is
at the top of that section. (see the
mennocreationcare.mennonite.net site)

I've looked at other options... and none does exactly
what I want it to do... if I can be proved wrong...

I just would like to be able to keep the number of
templates on a site to a minimum for simplicity of
maintenance and changes that need to happen later on
after a site is designed.


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