#48 Static 2nd level navigation


I don't know about the rest of Caravel users but I
personally found the older (2.5) navigation system to
be very convenient and want to keep it around.
Unfortunately I have been unable to replicate the old
1st level tabs, 2nd level bar navigation style
available in the "backwards compatible" navigator using
the new templates system. The most crucial problem is
the fact that there is no way of having a "static" 2nd
level navigation bar. When creating a Navigator I am
able to have it display the "<top level>" but there is
no "<second level>" option. I propose that you make
"<second level>" an option for Navigators. If uses
choose this option the navigator should display all
second level siblings in a given tree regardless of the
current level that the user is viewing (above or
below). In general it would work the same way the 2nd
level bar below the old navigation tabs worked. I know
that there are ways of working around this limitation
but it would be more convenient by far if I could
simply set up this sort of Navigator in a single template.


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