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  • eclipse

    eclipse - 2006-11-27

    I've installed caravel succesfully, when I connect to http://localhost/admin I can log in but when I put this server ip adress in a browser of another machine it loads the apache default page and not the caravel's page. Does anybody know why?.
    Thanks in advance.

    • David Glick

      David Glick - 2006-11-27

      Currently Caravel uses the domain by which it is accessed to determine the location where its data is stored in the LDAP database.  Thus when you access Caravel via an IP address rather than by a domain, it won't look in the right place.

      Normally Caravel would be accessed at an address like and the data would be stored under dc=www,dc=mysite,dc=com in LDAP.  I'm guessing that your ldap base is probably dc=localhost, which is going to cause some problems accessing it from other machines.  Therefore you may want to stop the LDAP service, remove the ldap data files (often in /var/lib/openldap-data), restart LDAP and then redo the web portion of the installation, accessing it at a "real" domain name.  (If you're doing this on a testing server and the box doesn't have a domain name, you can fake it on a linux box by adding a line like "" to the file /etc/hosts, where is the IP address of the box.  I'm not sure how you would do this in Windows, though.)

    • David Glick

      David Glick - 2006-11-27

      As an alternative, workaround solution:
      In the Caravel code, go to core/Template.php and find the line that includes the word cvhook_mangleDomain.  Right after that line, add this line:
      $res = 'localhost';
      This will force Caravel to look under dc=localhost in LDAP, regardless of what domain was used to access the site.


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