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  • Brian Hechinger

    Brian Hechinger - 2007-08-08

    It's all setup.  When I go to http://host/admin I get a 404 error:

    Sorry, the page or site you tried to view does not exist.

    This happens for the default page as well.  There is nothing in the apache logs.

    Where else could I look?


    • Reuven M Hodges

      Reuven M Hodges - 2007-08-08

      What this sounds like is that there is an error somewhere in the url -> dn portion of the code. A couple of things to check:

      When you connect to your ldap server does it have caravel dn's/data in it. Specifically the dn dc=admin,[yourbasedn] should exist with the dn mnT=index,dc=admin,[yourbasedn] underneath it. It sounds like you set this up in single mode (it is much easier to set up this way), is that correct? If you did then your base dn should be something like -> dc=www,dc=example,dc=com.

      The other thing that can generate this type of error is permission problems for the public group. The url for the admin sites public group should be cn=Public,ou=cvgroups,dc=admin,[yourbasedn]. There are two important attributes for this group,

      cvPriv: dc=admin,[yourbasedn]:1:0001:::
      cvInclusionRule: iprange0::

      Check that both of these are set.

      I imagine that the core problem is stemming from some slight schema differences between openldap and sun directory server. Let me know what you find for the 2 things above.

    • Brian Hechinger

      Brian Hechinger - 2007-08-09

      I've checked both of those, and they are both as they should be.

      Yes, this was setup in single mode.

      The only schema differences is I had to replace PrintableString with IA5String and NumericString with Integer as Sun only supports the datatypes in the RFC and those two appear to be OpenLDAP specific.

      The only other thing I can think of is I didn't get the ACLs right as I'm new with Sun ACL's.

      In that regard, It needs to be selfwrite related using something other than the rootdn I setup in the install screens as I chose to use the "cn=Directory Manager" dn for that, and the directory manager in Sun isn't affected by ACLs, that binddn can write _anywhere it wants to_.  ;)

      Is there something else I could be looking at?


      • Reuven M Hodges

        Reuven M Hodges - 2007-08-09

        When you changed them to IA5 strings did you also make sure to change the equality and the substr portions?

        EQUALITY caseIgnoreMatch
        SUBSTR caseIgnoreSubstringsMatch


        EQUALITY caseIgnoreIA5Match
        SUBSTR caseIgnoreIA5SubstringsMatch

        I believe you will have to re-index the directory server if these were not changed. This would also definitely cause the problem that you are running into.

    • Brian Hechinger

      Brian Hechinger - 2007-08-09

      I made those changes, ended up just deleting the ldap data and running through the install again, but still nothing.



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