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  • icjohnson

    icjohnson - 2006-01-09

    I am having a beast of a time trying to install caravel 3.0 Beta 1. When it comes to Linux I am a bit of newbie and I am trying to follow the long installation manual, I am looking on line for help, but I am getting frustrated. Caravel has the options I am looking for, on the outside, and I really want to give it a good workout. I have found at least one typo in the installation manual and I am presently stuck at getting php compiled and installed. (it is not finding the jpeg and png lib files. no information on installing gd, just curl.) (What distros has it been successfully installed on?)

    Is anyone out there listening to this, working on Caravel? The email lists are unaccessable off and so I don't know where to ask questions.

    What about creating a Caravelcms distro. Download an iso image that you can burn, maybe based on knoppix or mepis or other run from cd distros, something to make the install process less painful.

    I am wanting a CMS where I can have potentially thousands of small subsites that are created with default pages in place for editing, by individual authors. The docs point to this cms as being, not only able to handle it, but made for it. I have successfully installed and used other cms, but it seems to me that it will be the installation of caravel that will hold it back from gaining a community around it.

    signed "Frustrated in Kaleden"

    • Reuven M Hodges

      Reuven M Hodges - 2006-01-13

      Our installation manual gives basic instructions on how to compile most of the required packages from source, however, you should be able to just use your particular distro's packages/rpms. For your first installation of Caravel I would really suggest doing this. The from source compilations are nice, but should not be a requirement for *most* of Caravel's features.

      If you do really want to go ahead and compile php rather than using a package my geuss is that you do not have the libpng and libjpeg libraries installed, so you would need to get those packages installed before trying to compile again. Compiling php can be quite difficult and in the end there could be thousands of different issues that need to be worked through. I have often ended up spending many hours on google resolving php compiling issues.

      We have talked about making a distro with Caravel on it and hope do this once we have a final release of 3.0

      Thanks for your interest in Caravel, I'll be happy to help work through any issues you might have. Just post on these forums and I will respond to the best of my abilities.

      -Reuven Hodges

    • icjohnson

      icjohnson - 2006-01-14

      Thanks for your reply and it is good to know that there is some support out there.

      The ability to join the mailing lists is down and so are the archives, fortunately Google does keep a cache of a page when it traverses a site so I have been able to find some information that way. It would be good if the mailing lists were working.

      In the installation document there is one missing backslash on the second line of the C. On the "--with-config-file-path" line.

      Also the Curl and Image Libraries section is labled as section ***6 which comes after section ***4 LDAP and before section ***5 PHP. Minor issues but trying to help you make it better.

      I had just about given up on Caravel, but it has some unique qualities and strengths that you don't find in other CMS's, so I am taking another stab at it.

      I have had some problems viewing some pages such as:

      where the content over runs the page layout when I am using Firefox 1.5 (Windows XP). I just checked with IE 6 and found that it rendered the page fine. Is this a browser issue, or CSS, or Caravel?


      Ian Johnson


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