Help With and Use Of Carafe

If you are interested in using Carafe and are having problems compiling or using the software, please let me know via an email (wellner _at_ cs _dot_ brandeis _dot_ edu ) or using one of the forums on this page. I'll be happy to help. Releases are not tested on all recent versions of the OCaml compiler and the build process may be sensitive to compiler version and platform variations (I fix these as I see them - remember, this is grad-student-ware of the single-programmer variety).

Also, if you are using Carafe or intend to use it, it would be great if you would let me know - I'd like to get an idea of what people are doing with this software.

Finally, if there are specific applications (that appeared in a paper, for example) that you'd like to see, let me know about that as well.

Posted by Ben Wellner 2006-12-08

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