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Kernel Ported to C++

After weeks of porting, the C++ version of Caracal (Caracal32) has now reached the same stage as the old C version.

Class-based programming means a neater main() kernel function with C++ runtime support (constructors / deconstructors are called for global/static classes, new and delete keywords work etc...).

It is now hoped that the object-oriented programming methodology will allow more rapid addition of updates in the future. Next on the list - code tidying and disk access drivers.

Posted by ajsoftuk 2007-06-06

Kernel Development Milestone

Source updates were commited today which reflect a complete change in information displayed to the user at boot-time.

While Caracal Kernel is still considered 'Pre-Alpha', it was decided that kernel boot-time code has reached a stable enough stage to dramatically decrease verbosity.

While the previous philosophy was to display the boot stage on the screen in a console-type list, the boot code of the kernel now takes the view "no news is good news". Users downloading future binaries (post v0.1.5) should simply see the kernel display it's version number (if all is well!).... read more

Posted by ajsoftuk 2007-04-28