I'm sorry if this is the wrong list to ask this on, could find
the adres for general questions.
But i'm looking at the availability and cost of the projects hardware.
I noticed that earlier schematics of a caraca node use a
AT90S4433 and newer ones use the 90S2313.
My question is, can the same be done for the CANdongle?
Since the AT90S4433 is not available here in the Netherlands,
and the 90S2313 is.
Can these parts be changed without modifications to hard/software?
Looking at the price of the parts for the node the ds1621 is the most expensive
part here in Holland (10.2 Euro). Is this a good price?
Also is the max202cpe used in the CANdongle is not available here,
any alternatives?
Same is true for the byd17d diodes used in the star.
Ron Klinkien.