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Car Companion 1.3.2 Released

This bugfix release addreses issues with even dollar amount services and corrects service date ordering.

Posted by Ed B 2005-08-31

Car Companion 1.3.1 Released

Car Companion 1.3.1 was released today. This is a patch release that corrects the java.lang.Integer bug that has been reported on Windows XP, but also includes other minor fixes for the Service and Maintenance Item dialogs.

Posted by Ed B 2005-06-03

Car Companion 1.3.0 Released

Car Companion 1.3.0 was released today. New features include vehicle images, a notes section, and a cost section. Also a special maintenace item was created to keep track of reapairs and inspections. The reports have been improved and a cost of ownership report has been added.

Posted by Ed B 2005-05-11

Car Companion 1.2.1 Released

Today we released Car Companion 1.2.1 for Mac, Linux, and Windows. This release fixes bugs with printing documents that caused margins to be off on some systems and only one page of a report to print. It also fixed an issue with the Vehicle Sticker. We cleaned up the formatting of the numbers and if a maintenance item has no services, last service defaults to 0 so you can see when the first service is due.

Posted by Ed B 2005-02-28

Car Companion 1.2.0 Released

Today we released Car Companion 1.2.0 for Mac, Linux, and Windows. This release allows users to edit and delete maintenance items and vehicles. Users can sort data by clicking on column heads. There have been improvements in the UI too, such as date pickers and there is now a help system.

We also began accepting donations for our work on the Car Companion today.

Posted by Ed B 2005-01-01

Car Companion 1.1.0 Released

Today we released Car Companion 1.1.0 for Mac, Linux, and Windows. This release improves the ui, colors overdue service items in red, and allows users to import and export vehicle data.

Posted by Ed B 2004-11-05

Car Companion 1.0.0

The first official Car Companion has been released. The 1.0.0 release adds some minor upgrades to the graphics and makes the application much more stable. This release also marks full integration with Mac OS X. We have also posted a stand alone jar for Linux\UNIX users.

Posted by Ed B 2004-01-11

Car Companion 0.0.2 Released

Today we released Car Companion 0.0.2 (Alpha Release). This release is a usable version of the Car Companion program.

It features deletion capabilities, a Sticker Report and a Vehicle History Report. It also features Mac OS X menu integration (still buggy) and a dinky little icon that I made.

With this release comes a specific Mac OS X Installer (.sit) and a Windows Installer (.zip). The source code for this release is available in the source java archive. ... read more

Posted by Ed B 2003-12-24

Car Compaonion 0.0.1 Released

Today we released the first ever version of the Car Companion. It is Car Companion 0.0.1 ALPHA. This pre beta release is mainly for testing and user feedback. Car Compamion is a utility to help users keep track of the maintenance that they perform on their vehicles and allows them to print reports and stickers for their vehicle.

Posted by Ed B 2003-08-05

Car Companion Development Site Launched

Today we received approval for our new project named Car Companion. We are currently working out the specs and features for the first release. If you would like to see anything in the first relaes, please submit a request in RFE section.

Posted by Ed B 2003-07-03

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