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Release 0.90.05

Features Show all indicators on chart when showing chart dialog
TradeEvents on chart: Reimplemented
CandleStick On/Off in chartDialog working
Set candlestick type at chart dialog as default; save candlestick view per dataItem
Added better feature for showing / saving indicator charts in ChartWindow
new helpfiles

Chart Dialog - removed inactive arrow buttons
Error - when getting indicators - only those with interval 2 selected
Chart: IndicatorType not correct on Dialog for adding indicators
TradeEvents - better error handling
TradeEvents deselection works
DataItem is set on ChartWindow - but not with ChartControl? Check
Show indicators button on chart - rework
Parent of dataClass was not set after deserialisation - caused problems in chart dialog
New indicator from DialogIndicator does not work any more - check architecture
Error in Dialog for adding indicators if "Show on Graph" is clicked for an empty indicator
Exception when adding more than 10 plots
Only 3 plots (controls) possible
Add volume on second chart does not work
Error when closing DialogIndicator with "Cancel" for second chart control
Remove combo Intraday in ChartDialog - if no intraday is selected
Toolbar intraday - invisible in MainDialog
Remove menu ShowShareData
Exception when renaming portfolio
TreeView - rename portfolio from Tree disabled

Posted by Edgar Maass 2008-10-28

Release 0.90.04

At delete portfolio/Share - new dialog
Remove menu item "Intraday"
Refactor Portfolio simulation
Write current indicator values in TradeGrid

Portfolio Default could not be deleted
Simulate an empty portfolio returned exceptions
About 10 different exceptions with Trading of an empty portfolio
Errors - TradeEconomy did not deserialize correct regarding TradeSystem etc.
Error at Simulation of Portfolio
Simulate Portfolio - simulates only first share

Posted by Edgar Maass 2008-10-27