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capcode V2 available for download

Capcode has turned a major step.
It runs now as an Eclipse rich client application, which means:
- better plugin integration
- automatic updates (when connected to the internet)
- better management of views and perspectives
With this version:
all routes, waypoints and tracks files are now fully supporting the gpx format
the 3D view is back, with a plugin running worldwind (a 3D engine developped by the NASA, comparable to Google Earth), with the possibility to import you charts in the 3D model)... read more

Posted by cyrille rosay 2012-05-30

capcode V0.9.5-1 is available

A new version of capcode is available. It includes a new charts management system, based on projections and Natural Earth shapefiles on top of which other KAP and S57 charts can be displayed.
Other improvements have been implemented, see the README.TXT
The documentation, and the user manual will be updated very soon.

Posted by cyrille rosay 2011-05-20

capcode almost done with S-57 integration

In its NEXT release (0.9.5) capcode will propose S-57 ENC and Natural Earth charts integration.
more details here:

Posted by cyrille rosay 2011-01-26

capcode and S-57

I have started the implementation of S-57 charts in capcode. The java library is almost complete. This library will prrobably be published as a standalone product for other users who want to implement ENC to their project.
See the capcode blog to have a view on preliminary results.

Posted by cyrille rosay 2010-08-03

capcode 0.9.4 is released

see the readme.txt for details on the release.

Posted by cyrille rosay 2009-12-16

capcode 0.9.3 is available for download (linux & windows)

The last version of capcode is ready for download.
in summary it incorporates now:
- a chart editor (in both native and KAP format)
- the polar on the maps shows where you could be in a given time
- a better display of KAP files
- some minors other things... consult the README.TXT for all details

Posted by cyrille rosay 2009-09-01

version 0.9.2 evailable

version 0.9.2 has been published.
correction related to the use of grib filescoming from zygrib
capability to read BSB (KAP) maps produced without the polynoms used to transform from (x,y) to (Lon, Lat). capcode creates now automatically a polynom based on the reference points. The polynom is of the form
F(x,y) = a0 + a1*x + a2*y + a3*x^2 + a4*x*y + a5*y^2... up to the order 4.
The number of coefficients is depending on the number of reference points of course.
For example, with 4 references points (majority of the "exotic" BSB charts), the polynom is just a bilinear one.

Posted by cyrille rosay 2009-07-04

new version available

a new version (still beta) of capcode software suite for sailors has been created.
In summary, 0.9.1 provides the display of the polar directly on the map, and the capability to read zygrib weather files.
see the change log for details.

Posted by cyrille rosay 2009-05-13

version 0.9 beta is available for windows

Capcode version 0.9 beta is ready for download.
see the change log and release notes for more information on the new functionalities.

linux version should follow soon.

Posted by cyrille rosay 2009-02-28

version 0.9 beta ready soon

we are very close to the release of version 0.9 beta
we are running the last dry-run tests for the new functions.
the difference with version 1 will be that the whole softare will be tested, all classes, all methods, with an objective of 95% of the code covered by test (including decision coverage).
This is a huge task ongoing. But for beta 0.9 we plan to present the new functions in their actual status, tested as much as they can be. Some bug may remain...
to see the roadmap and the functions to be implemented in version 0.9 please check here: read more

Posted by cyrille rosay 2009-02-09

capcode status and documentation

capcode will remain on version 0.8 for some time:
the time needed to write the user manual. It's high time.
Some pages are already available on the wiki page

Posted by cyrille rosay 2008-12-28

capcode beta 0.8.2 released

correction of a bug related to the management of waypoints (saving a new track file)

Posted by cyrille rosay 2008-12-27

capcode 0.8.1 is available for download

capcode is available in its latest beta version
we are getting closer to the V1
the remaining activities will be to fully test the software and to have 2 more plugins (capture of the boat configuration for every speed, and a best route prediction)

Posted by cyrille rosay 2008-12-19

version 0.8.1 will be ready soon

We are very close to issue the new (beta) version of capcode.
This new version is integrating NOAA BSB maps, a route planner, weather information (grib) and other improvement.
The files for linux and windows should be committed on sunday 30 November.

Posted by cyrille rosay 2008-11-27

BSB maps reader plugin available

a new navigation plugin is available. It allows to read Raster charts from NOAA (.KAP)
it is still in a preliminary version. Implemented capabilities are:
- select a map
- display a sector of the map (lon/lat) plus zoom in - zoom out
- display the position of the boat

Normally it should also be able to display weather information (grib files) and tracks... but this has not be tested yet.
the plugin is only available as a CVS entry for developer.
version 0.8 should soon be published...

Posted by cyrille rosay 2008-09-11

capcode beta 0.6 is released

a new step toward the final version 1.
new plugins
the boat position is now stored and displayed
new front end.

Posted by cyrille rosay 2008-04-12

capcode on the sea: a great success!

this week-end test on Balthazar was a pure success.
All the instruments connected to capcode were read and the computation were correct (true wind, polar of the speeds, etc). The position of the boat on the map was precisely reported.
A resume with pictures will be presented on

Posted by cyrille rosay 2008-03-25

capcode beta 0.6 on sea test

This Easter week-end, for the first time, capcode will be tested on site.
This will be done on the old Balthazar, a Jeanneau Sangria from 1973, which electronic has been upgraded in 2005 with a Navman (TM) system.
The instruments that will be connected to capcode will be:
- a wind 3100 (wind)
- a multi 3100 (surface speed, depth)
- a Holux GPS M-1000 bluetooth sensor
the capcode version used for this target testing is the beta version 0.6 (not ready for download yet, but that will be delivered after initial wash up)
screenshoots will be published.

Posted by cyrille rosay 2008-03-21

capcode beta 0.5 is released

capcode, the free software suite for sailors, has issued it's beta version.
Capcode is now supporting plugin management.
Document to write one's own plugin to be published soon.

Posted by cyrille rosay 2008-03-06