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0.10 alpha release

We have officially released the 0.10 alpha release of the CANTOP display program. Currently downloads are only available for Windows, however Linux downloads should soon be available.

The crossplatform source code is also available for download.

Posted by Andrew 2008-07-30

Switched to QT for frontend, alpha release soon.

While the back-end of CANTOP has been completed, work continues on the graphical frontend. Due to some complications with python I have decided to switch to using QT as the main window widget engine. This has only mildly set back the timetable I was expecting to have an alpha release.

Posted by Andrew 2008-05-25

Backend completed, Graphing next

The basic CANBUS polling backend has been completed for CANTOP. I'm sure there are still some bugs to work out, but the field tests I have done using it so far look promising. Work has now begun on incorporating a round-robin database (RRD) data logging backend for detail graphing and data storage.

Posted by Andrew 2008-03-14

Website Up

A basic layout for the website is now up. Functionality is currently limited as the development of the project has only just recently begun. Please stay tuned for more details and a feature list.

Posted by Andrew 2008-01-12