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  • Reinhard Katzmann


    This topic is used to discuss everything related to the move from Berlios to a different hoster.

    It does not address the discussion which hoster to move to. This is discussed currently on the Canorus Development Mailing list mainly.

    To ease the move we will avoid import of anything unimportant (like old things).

    Details follow under this topic. Also note that I do not like to disclose this important topic or parts of it (meaning project participants should not ask me to discuss "internally").

  • Reinhard Katzmann

    There is a high possibility that we use sourceforge at least for parts of the project. And hopefully not more than one more for specific services (except nightly builds - these are mostly distribution specific).

    What will be imported ? The list should be worked in this sequence

    1) Team members - the member need to have an account on the hoster and tell one of the admins about the name
    2) Code - I hope that (at least parts of) the history is not lost when importing into Mercurial
    3) Web Page - MediaWiki - full (except maybe editing history)
        -> Wiki Editors must be notified about their new accounts
    3) Mailing List archive (both User and Development)
    4) Bug Tracking - except closed bugs, the current bugs will be reviewed
         -> if time does not permit to review all the remaining will be imported and reviewed later
    5) Downloads - The latest release (stable and alpha/beta) should be enough
         -> Please tell if you still need one of the old versions as archive
    6) Feature Requests - Only open requests
    7) Forum discussions - Unfortunately it is not very probably that this will technically suceed.
        -> At least a possibility to access the old discussion would be helpful
    8) Subprojects and tasks - maybe after review ?
    9) Patches - The currently only available patch should be merged if not already done

    Please tell if I missed anything.

  • Reinhard Katzmann

    1) All known members have been added by Suamor to the project - others hopefully soon too
    2) As inbetween step the code was added to SVN by Matevz
    3) The webpage Wiki was added by Matevz. It is unclear if he created a dump for doing so.
         I have created a dump and downloaded it from Berlios.
    5) All important downloads are available:
         - Current version of Canorus 0.7
         - abx2xml
         All older versions and the old mingw are already removed.

  • Reinhard Katzmann

    1) Nothing new here
    2) SVN history was restored completely by Suamor
    3) Nothing new here - we decided to just make small adaptions to the sidebar in the near future
    4) Done, not all bugs were moved, but all have been informed why we cannot reproduce these problems
    5) Nothing new here
    7) We decided not to move the threads, maybe I add some of the interesting ones later, but there is no import possibility
    9) Patches are done


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