Aaron C. Spike - 2007-02-11

I've only been studying concurrency with python for the last few days, so please pardon me if I don't use the correct words. Is there any way to integrate select.select() and candygram's receive(). I'm envisioning an application that uses a thread for serial port io and would still like to receive messages from other threads in a timely fashion without busy waiting. At first I was looking to see if candygram could provide the interfaces necessary to work inside of a select call, but the python docs warn against implementing fake fileno members for file like objects. I'm not sure if a more convincing file like type could be faked with an internally used pipe or otherwise. Alternatively I wonder if it would be possible to add a handler that responds to messages generated upon select's ready for reading state and somehow register file descriptiors for use with a candygram Receiver.