#31 Tooltips & Mouse Tracking


The largest usability issue I have with the software is that the toolbar at the top does not have tooltips as I hover above them. This leads to a mystery meat navigation style that is hard to memorize. (Low Priority)

I may be using your software for usability testing in the educational environment, and am also promoting it for use in usability classes. As another request would be a way of tracking the mouse movements with a line (collect its x,y position every q frames and create a curve between them that can be used for tracking metric of mouse area traveled.) I know your software is not designed to be usability software. (Low Priority overall, more significant to me personally.)

I understand that these requests may never be worked into the program; none-the-less I am thankful for the program you have put together. As things are going now, you are going to save at least one small business a bunch of money and help a pelthra of community college students in math, and university students in usability classes. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the project.