Recorded avi shows no video on playback

  • movrshakr

    movrshakr - 2008-12-13

    I am new to this, but install seemed to go OK.  However, when I record a streaming video I want (wmv), and do the playback, there is no video, whether in the app player or Windows Media Player.

    First attempt was with MS codec, second with MPEG4 codec.  Neither produced video--only audio.

    Any ideas?

    • fleshtheworld fleshtheworld

      try using xvid codec, or divx, camstudio, or techsmith. those are the best and well known codecs.

      VLC sucks now, the latest version is crappy and the previous version works better. i hope the next release gets good again

    • fleshtheworld fleshtheworld

      to record videos! you cant record video unless you turn of a filter, all videos uses some sort of layer so you cant record the streaming video. you have to turn off that layer. i forgot how but wmp (old version) was easy to turn off in the option menu

      the only streaming video you can capture is flash video like yuotubes videos (.flv)

    • fleshtheworld fleshtheworld

      so yes, only flash video can be captured

      to capture other videos - open 'cmd' prompt or just go to 'Start/Run' option and type 'regedit', search 'DXAcceleration' open it up and set the value to '5', once you are done recording the streaming video, change it back to its default value.

    • fleshtheworld fleshtheworld

      at least it seems to work on my computer, but im not sure if it is because of changing the DXAcceleration

      i remember a while back i wanted to record streaming videos too and did something that, now i can record most any streaming video


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